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Thank you for trusting Pinnacle Solutions Group to provide you with Solutions for your protection and support. Your peace of mind is our top priority. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation. Receive a free Prescription Discount Card when you join our mailing list. Save up-to 90% on your next visit to the pharmacy.

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Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC was designed for meeting financial, protective, and enhancement needs for businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and their  families. PSG is truly a one-stop shop for improving financial security, skills development, and peace of mind.

Your business and family's financial protection and security is more important than ever. ​We are committed to providing you affordable safeguard Solutions when you need them. Expect to receive quality customer care and services on which you can rely.

We pay attention to detail; and it is our goal for you to feel confident and have peace of mind when you choose Pinnacle Solutions Group as your service provider.

Our Solutions Suite contains a variety of services, including insurance carriers, financial experts, legal services, and more! To learn more, click from the list of options below:

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About PSG

Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC was birth out of one man's desire to change the way we network and do business in Arkansas. He called it Business Unusual. That was the theme for his member network of entrepreneurs and professionals. He lived up to his motto of, Bringing Business and People Together. This began before social networking for business was of significance in Arkansas.

Meet Founder and CEO, Cory L Walker, also known as Cory The Coach. Passionate about helping people achieve their personal and business goals, he has crafted a suite of in-demand Solutions to meet needs on multiple levels. He has also developed a referral network of experienced entrepreneurs and service partners to provide for you services that are tailored to meet specific requests.

Cory believes, if you are taking care of people, then your are taking care of business.

Cory is a licensed Insurance Professional in Arkansas and Texas, an outstanding motivational speaker and professional development coach, business consultant and problem solver. 

To learn more about Cory L Walker and Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC, visit